We are partners for all specialists in the medical field: doctors, dentists, veterinarians, laboratory operators, pharmacists and chemists/drugstores. We also supply selected items to private households.


Medication, equipment and laboratory supplies for medical practices: Complete and uncomplicated

Doctors can purchase any drug registered in Switzerland - with transparent terms and with the benefit of direct logistics. We also offer medical practice equipment and laboratory supplies from all brands and offer support to our customers when it comes to service and repairs.


Traditional and alternative medicine: Exacting standards for quality and price - what we offer for chiropractors

In addition to conventional medical products, we also offer tools for acupuncture, including needles by the Japanese company Seirin.


For a welcoming patient experience: Essentials for dental practices

Alongside dental practice equipment and medicines, dentists can also choose from special patient-friendly accessories (aspirators, cups, aprons, etc.) in a complete range of colours.


Medications, herbal remedies and cosmetics: What we offer for pharmacists

In addition to standard medicines, we also supply pharmacists with herbal remedies, homeopathic medicines and a wide range of personal care products.


For animals and their owners: Our complete range for veterinary practices

Veterinarians will find products to suit their every requirement - from diagnostics to endoscopy, ophthalmology, sterilisation and hygiene. The range is rounded out by dressings and consumables.


For precise results: Instruments and chemicals for the laboratory

We offer everything a laboratory needs - from lab equipment including small devices and pipettes to complex analytical instruments, consumables and specialty chemicals.